The Council consists of twelve elected members of the community of Kelso who serve a term of office of four years. They are joined by the three elected members of Scottish Borders Council who represent Kelso. The Scottish Borders Councillors have no voting rights.

Meetings are chaired by ‘The Provost’ who also presides at civic events.

Cllr Dean Weatherston (Provost)
Cllr Gavin Horsburgh (Vice Chair)
Cllr Peter Cooper
Cllr Alan Hall
Cllr Elizabeth Hodges
Cllr Colin McGrath
Cllr Harry Tomczyk
Cllr Matthew Boulton
Cllr Ian Brown
Cllr James McCombie
Cllr John Bassett
Cllr Kerry Yule


Shirley Redgrave, Pinnaclehill Lodge, Sprouston Road, Kelso TD5 8ES.
Tel: 01573 219111 or 07974 790521


Kelso Community Council has no statutory authority or powers. It does, however, act as an advisory and consultative group on all matters affecting the town.

It is consulted on the provision of services by Scottish Borders Council, Lothian and Borders Police, Borders Health Board, the Scottish Executive and numerous other statutory and voluntary bodies.

It makes comment on planning applications and issues affecting the town and it pursues matters of concern raised by community groups and individuals in the town.


Kelso Community Council meet on the second Tuesday of every month (with the exception of July and August). Meetings are held in Kelso Town Hall at 7 p.m.