Kelso Angling Association


Founded in 1859 and has obtained from the Riparian owners the right to fish for trout and grayling in ten miles of the best water on the River Tweed and Teviot. This water affords excellent trout fishing and has been productive of many fine baskets both in weight and number. The Association’s river watcher is on the riverside regularly, and is always pleased to give visitors the benefit of his advice and experience.

The Association has no salmon fishing rights and in deference to the proprietors to whom the Association owes its right, it is expected of all members and visitors that they will not cause annoyance by wading in or fishing salmon casts, while proprietors or their tenants may be salmon fishing. Permits to fish can be obtained from Orvis Ltd in The Square, Tweedside Tackle, and Fin & Game on Bridge Street. The trout & grayling season is from 1st April to 30th September and grayling only 1st December to 31st January. Fly fishing only.

The costs to visitors start from £3 a day or £15 a season.